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 Cron Jobs - Why???
Author: florian 
Date:   14-10-02 02:08

[x] You want to look type this:

man at


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 Re: Cron Jobs - Why???
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   14-10-02 07:16

I've always said use the tool which does the job. cron does the job. Why not use cron?

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 Re: Cron Jobs - Why???
Author: Diggy Dork 
Date:   05-12-02 01:01

pretty simple... if you use cron you have to remember to remove the cron entry; at is better. Or perhaps even nohup...

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 Re: Cron Jobs - Why???
Author: Willis 
Date:   05-12-02 23:13

How do you cancel an 'at' command? Oh, whoops... I guess you can use a kill command. Is there a way to do it via 'at'?

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 Re: Cron Jobs - Why???
Author: Howard Jones 
Date:   19-12-04 11:49

At least if you *are* going to use cron, fill in ALL the fields in the thing! Is there any circumstance under which you would want this to run once an hour? No? Then specify an hour, and a day, and DOM, and month. Then you have a whole year to remove the entry, rather than that hour...

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