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Article Feedback - NAT rules - for IP Filter
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 IP Address propagation
Author: Bryan Samis 
Date:   20-10-02 04:47

Just a quick hint - the general way of handling IP address propagation issues for changing the IP address of an A record is to lower the TTL value of that record PRIOR to making the change. It should be lowered enough in advance such that the older TTL will have expired anywhere it might be cached. The newer TTL should be something very low, like 5 minutes (or even less). This way, when you actually change the IP address of the record, you won't have to wait 12 hours or whatever the old TTL was for all traffic to be using the new IP - everything will within 5 minutes or less using this method.

Bryan Samis

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 Re: IP Address propagation
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   23-10-02 07:08

That's good advice. I used that approach when moving FreshPorts from the old box to the new box.

Note that in the article, I am changing the IP address of the box. The services are not moving. I needed to have both IPs running in order to ensure that the new services where up and running and functional. I wanted to slowly move things from the old IP address to the new one in case I noticed any problems.

Regardless, reducing the TTL in my case would have been a good approach.

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