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Article Feedback - Creating a VPN using PPTP
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Author: Paul Lakin 
Date:   16-10-02 20:56

Does anyone know if this freebsd pptp supports nt authentication, or of a way to add support for it? I am planning on using pptp on my freebsd router to link my network to a friends, but he is running a .net domain, so i tihnk nt authentication will be required.
Paul Lakin

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 Re: nt
Author: jesse 
Date:   14-07-03 15:39

I think that will work if you just use

set mppe

as a ppp option

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 Re: nt
Author: Paul Lakin 
Date:   25-09-03 12:22

Ah, excellent. Thanks, that appears to have sorted it out. Perhaps that should be in the article somewhere?


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 Re: nt
Author: adam 
Date:   27-11-03 18:13

hi guys, sorry to interrupt, but I am wondering how can i enable mppe in ppp? can you explain in detail, thanks. I am new to VPN...

I am using fbsd4.8-release, pptpclient1.3.1, nomatter what i do, just can' t get through the VPN authentication.

in the log file, I got this in the middle of a singal connect

chap input:success
deflink: lcp -> open
bundle: network
deflink: open -> lcp
bundle: Terminate
deflink: disconnected!
deflink: connect time 5 sec .......

wondering what seems to be the problem?

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