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Article Feedback - Swapping boot drives around
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 dhclient isn't that hard
Author: David Kelly 
Date:   03-08-01 16:51

Possibly because I am not running an internal name server, the only thing my systems needed was ifconfig_fxp1="DHCP" in /etc/rc.conf.

One system is running named but is not serving up anything but cached replies.

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 Re: dhclient isn't that hard
Author: Blake 
Date:   07-08-01 19:37

For @home users, you need a dhclient.conf file because you need to send the dhcp server certain information. In this case the hostname (CRXXXXXXX)

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 Re: dhclient isn't that hard
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   08-08-01 03:31

I'm an @home user. I can confirm that.

See also <A HREF="/athome.php">FreeBSD @home -- setting up your cable modem</A> and <A HREF="">FreeBSD Cable Modem How-To</A>.

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 Re: dhclient isn't that hard
Author: Derek Hofmann 
Date:   11-08-01 04:08

Setting up a DHCP server isn't too hard, either. There are a number of texts floating around on how to do this. In the end, you could have FreeBSD connecting to the Internet via DHCP and also dynamically assigning addresses, hostnames, DNS servers, and the gateway address to all the computers on the inside of the NAT via DHCP - great for mobile users!

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 Re: dhclient isn't that hard
Author: Tsueg 
Date:   16-08-01 18:27

not that hard? well, it is for me. but then i am quite new to the FreeBSD (or any minux based) OS. heck, i just found FreeBSD's autoexec.bat :).

with that noted, the information provided was wonderful. albiet, i still have a lot more researching and reading to go and a lot more to figgure out to get stuff working...

on another note, the above posted link to the Cable-modem-how-to returned as a dead server. google found and pointed to the same dead link but happily had the page cached.

thanks for the info.

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 Re: dhclient isn't that hard
Author: Jordan Block 
Date:   22-08-01 07:11

shaw@home customers do not need to include the hostname in their dhclient.conf,
it works jsut fine without it.

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 new Optus setup
Author: Joel Cornale 
Date:   28-04-02 16:53

Hello all ,

I just set up a FreeBSD box to access Optus Cable , The modem is a Motorola SB 4101 .
it took me a while reading this article and i was getting no where , till i rang the telco and i asked them a non OS question ( i knew they wouldn't like to talk to me if i told them what OS i was using) they told me if i wanted to change the PC it was connected to all i have to do is unplug the the power from the modem for 20 sec , change the ethernet cable to the new PC and turn the modem back on. The telco told me that the modem learns the first MAC address that it sees .

now u can do the rest

dhcp on the ethernet card attached to the cable modem in rc.conf ,
blah blah ....

Joel Cornale

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 Re: new Optus setup
Author: Jim Murray 
Date:   02-10-02 02:13

Thanks for the info on the cable modem saving the MAC address. I was banging my head against the table for weeks. :)

Thank you.

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Author: AC 
Date:   18-12-02 15:39

My ISP is Rogers. Their service is MAC based not hostname based. However, if you want to connect a second machine, the first machine has to release the ip address. Otherwise you have to call support and they have to clear the lease on their server.
This is where I'm having problems.

Does Freebsd provide a way to release a dhcp address?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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