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 vnc versus tightvnc
Author: Ross Lippert 
Date:   20-08-02 21:31

Do you have any reason to prefer tightvnc to vnc?

I followed your article and found vnc to be very useful, but
I am wondering why there are two different *vnc's in the ports.

Any comments?


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 Re: vnc versus tightvnc
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   21-08-02 06:06

I read the descriptions of the two ports and decided upon tightvnc.

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 Re: vnc versus tightvnc
Author: Rob Andrews 
Date:   25-09-02 16:45

Yes, tightvnc is a better server depending on your circumstances. But the article doesn't mention where tightvnc is better than normal vnc.

Firstly, tightvnc includes JPEG compression. This makes a huge difference if you're viewing a remote desktop over, say, a 56k dialup. The difference was astounding enough for me to be able to use a 1024x768x32bpp at a superb speed.

Under *nix-type systems, you can enable the "tight" encoding from the viewer command line. I'm not a Windows user, so I can't tell you where it is in the GUI version, but from the commandline:

$ xvncviewer -encodings tight -quality 0 <hostname:port>
This will produce noticeable JPEG compression artifacts, but your session will be faster if you're over a low-bandwidth network.

There is, lastly, one more VNC in the pipeline. Tridia VNC ( supplies a server with the "tight" encoding for low-bandwidth networks, and also wraps the connection in an SSL tunnel, so you get the benefit of an encrypted connection as well. Worth a look at.

Oh, and whilst you're playing with VNC, take a look at krfb ( I don't know if it's reached FreeBSD ports, but it's definately got prospects. Being able to use a proper XFree86-accelerated desktop locally, and still be able walk away and pick up that same session remotely has great benefits.

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 Re: vnc versus tightvnc
Author: IcE 
Date:   17-02-03 20:52

I usally just create an sshtunnel from whereever i am at the time with compression enabled and then run tightvnc server at home.
Connection at home is 2.5/0.7 so i just disable compression in the vnc and live with the sshtunnel compression this works great for me..

Oviously you could go with sshtunnel comperssion + tightvnc comperssion + jpeg if you like to dont know if this help that much tough, i feel a slight "lag" when i tried with all that so i just stick to my sshtunnel :)

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