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 Best Way to Backup one FreeBSD box to another over a network
Author: Griz 
Date:   25-04-02 18:07


I'm a FreeBSD newbie, and I'm looking for a step by step overview of the best way to backup one FreeBSD machine to another over a network. Preferably with a CRON command so it will do it overnight at a specified time. I've been told this can be done, but my problem is that I know practically nothing about tar. I have done a file transfer from one FreeBSD box to another using FTP, so I'm thinking if you could setup some type of CRON command to tar what you want, and then another command to FTP it to the box??? Or if someone has a better way to do it, I'm open to that also.

Many thanks in advance,


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 Re: Best Way to Backup one FreeBSD box to another over a network
Author: Freddie 
Date:   06-06-02 02:00

Use NFS and aither tar, cpio, dd, pax, or whatnot.

NFS a remove mount from the destination computer. Then use tar, cpio, or whatever to copy that data from one directory to the NFS directory. Unmount the NFS drive when you're done.

We use this to backup our webservers. Much easier and more convenient than using tape or whatnot.

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