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Article Feedback - Installing via wireless NIC
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 well said
Author: William Cooper 
Date:   08-04-02 13:32

i think that was pretty great to be honest, alot of us fbsd starters dont like to add comments onto big scary mailing lists cause we have people on there who know their stuff and like to point out our mistakes, but hey, at least we're trying to help?


William Cooper

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 Re: well said
Author: Kevin Golding 
Date:   05-05-02 09:46

Everyone starts somewhere though. I know that people like Matt Dillon could tell someone a thousand times more about the workings of the FreeBSD filesystem, but when someone asks how they should partition their drive I can certainly offer an opinion. Between the drives I've done myself and the many times I've seen such a topic raised on one of the lists I feel confident enough to answer fairly accruately.

The thing is to find things you know and watch out for those questions. Whatever you're playing with right now will be frsh in your head so when someone asks you may be able to answer quickly and with enough information to help.

The thing with FreeBSD is that there are a lot of very talented people involved in the project. Someone will always be able to do things better than you, but that shouldn't stop you from helping. If you answer the simple questions it means the big guns have more time to answer the questions we can't, or write the new bit of code that everyone's been waiting for.


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 Re: well said
Author: paul 
Date:   10-05-02 07:27

for my part, I wish there were FAQs like how to migrate from linux or some other OSes, ie, the differences between them: with linux you upgrade the kernel and the distribution stuff separately on someone else's timetable, while with *BSD, you do the _whole system_ on yours. But how to grok all that and make it work? I still feel like I'm fumbling around when I read the handbook: it talks over my head, or so it feels.

The best way to do this, I guess, would be to build a system from scratch (as in the diary's approach) but with the added information about translating your expertise to a new world.

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