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Author: rev 
Date:   21-08-01 21:02

the PHP function passthru() outputs the raw result from ps aux and returns no value. so in the above code segment, printing that variable would serve no purpose.

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 Re: passthru
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   21-08-01 21:27

Right you are. Thanks.

For the record, here's the original script:

<title>FreeBSD Diary uptime via php3 passthru</title>

$uptime = passthru ("/usr/bin/uptime");
echo "<font face=\"Tahoma\" size=\"1\">$uptime</font></p>";


The new script is:

html><title>FreeBSD Diary uptime via php3 passthru</title>

<font face="Tahoma" size="1"><?php
passthru ("/usr/bin/uptime");


But I'm going to remove the font declaration anyways.

I'll amend the article accordingly.

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 Re: passthru
Author: matthew 
Date:   04-05-02 17:31

i did notice, that this doesnt work if you have safe mode on, any ideas as to how to get it working if safe mode IS on?

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 Re: passthru
Author: e11even 
Date:   12-04-17 17:16

Hey bro,

None of the scripts are executing anymore except for the PHP one. Is CGI dead on the interwebs?

I am testing at

Post Edited (12-04-17 17:17)

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 Re: passthru
Author: Dan 
Date:   12-04-17 18:25

Sorry, I will have to fix that, but I may not get a chance until after BSDCan/PGCon.

Feel free to nag me then. I would appreciate that.


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