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 no IP tunnels required
Author: Lars Eggert 
Date:   09-04-02 22:18

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On 9 Apr 2002 at 10:14, Lars Eggert wrote:

> Hi,
> please note that your IPsec how-to at
> or
> instructs people to set up
> IPIP tunnels in parallel to IPsec tunnel mode SAs.
> This is NOT required. In fact, with this approach you are setting up two
> tunnels between a node pair (one secure, one insecure). It "works"
> because the kernel will hijack packets forwarded over the insecure IP
> tunnel and push them over the secure IPsec SA. This depends on a
> specific interaction of side effects in the kernel and has all kinds of
> interesting failure modes.
> It also confuses people into thinking that IPIP tunnels (gif interfaces)
> and IPsec tunnel mode are related, or even dependent on one another,
> when in reality they are completely separate concepts.
> Please see the KAME newsletters ( for
> correct configuration of IPSec tunnel mode.
> Lars

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Lars Eggert 09-04-02 22:18 

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