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Article Feedback - installing bind8 from ports
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 3 IP headers?
Author: Michael Cambria 
Date:   20-08-01 16:53

Does this configuration result in 3 IP headers?

Normally, when IPsec is used with gif, IPsec _transport_ mode is used. The result is 2 an (outer/gif) IP header for the gif tunnel and the original IP header protected by IPsec.

In this example, IPsec tunnel mode is used.

IPsec tunnel mode creates its own second IP header, while transport mode will not. Using gif, which itself creates an outer IP header, should create a 3rd IP header.

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 Re: 3 IP headers?
Author: Jim Hatfield 
Date:   13-12-01 14:05

Well, I was struggling with something similar until I saw an article in daemonnews which said that the gif device was needed for tunnel mode but *not* for transport mode...

I'm trying to connect to a network behind a hardware VPN gateway. So far I have got tunnel built, and I can send packets through it but I get nothing back. I'd think it was routing but other people (using Linux and freeswan) have it working fine.


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