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 trial & error making a raid5 volume
Author: Case van Rij 
Date:   27-03-02 22:16

I was asked to build a 1TB RAID5 FreeBSD Server for under $5000 and since I had used vinum before in small (2 striped disks) configurations (very painless, thanks to this article!) I decided to use 8 160GB ide disks, 8 acard aec-7720uw scsi bridges on a board with onboard aic7896 scsi.

Not quite as painless.

The fdisk part was easy, but while disklabel worked great on da1, da2 and da3 it would not show, or let me change da4s1e
(same problem on da5/6/7/8)
For some reason I had to use 'disklabel -e da4s1' for those disks.
(same disks, same controller .. any ideas ?)

As mentioned in the previous comment, getting the raid5 volume 'up' wasnt obvious to me either .. turns out you have to start the raid plex rather than the volume.
(# vinum start audio.p0 in my case)
newfs initiall complained about a 'preposterous size', because yes, 8 times 160GB in RAID5 is bigger than 1024GB.

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 Re: trial & error making a raid5 volume
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   27-03-02 22:56

But it's up and running? Fast?

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