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 rsync - Push or Pull?
Author: Chris Peterson 
Date:   10-03-02 09:41

So I played around with the rsync and the article got me going with the basics. I was able to transfer directory structures and everything worked great.

I have a unique problem that i wanted rsync to solve. However, on initial use i was not able to use it the way i originally intended and found a work around. I will setup the scenario for you and maybe someone can help find a better solution.

I have MachineA and a hundred of MachineB's

MachineA has a directory full of files:

Each Machine B has a database with a list of files it needs. Which may not be a complete list of files on MachineA. I have a script that pulls the file list out of the database and I want to sync those files only. If a file gets removed from the database i want it removed from the directory. If a file gets added to the database or updated i want rsync to grab the file.

I tried many different ways to do rsync and found that I couldn't execute a command like this:
machineA# rsync -e ssh --delete --stats -avzcpr root@machineB:`/scripts/` /media

#Push (this however worked)
machineA# rsync -e ssh --delete --stats -avzcpr `/scripts/` machineB:/media

I wanted to Pull because machine B is a remote site and wanted each machine to iniate the download for speed reasons. (does it make a difference?)

The solution i came up with is below to make it work was:
setup ssh authorized keys and then execute this command

# -- syncfiles
ssh chris@machineA "rsync -e ssh --stats -avz `/scripts/` chris@machineB:/media"

Is my logic all off? Should i just be running the cronjobs on the server and push to all 100?

I thought the pull(download) was quicker. Plus the machineB's are the ones keeping track of what files it needs.

Any help would be cool.
Thanks in advance!
Chris Peterson

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 Re: rsync - Push or Pull?
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   10-03-02 19:06

I think you should be asking your question in the Support forum where many more people will read it, not just those reading this article and then clicking on the comments.

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