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 Article Was Helpful
Author: Drew Tomlinson 
Date:   26-02-02 21:32

Thank you for your article. I used it to successfully set up an anonymous ftp server with disk quotas to limit the size of the incoming directory instead of creating a separate partition for it. I was a little confused on how to do this but with some help from -questions, I realized that I needed to mount the filesystem SUIDDIR and set the suiddir bit on the incoming directory. In my case, I set nobody as the owner of incoming and set quotas on the filesystem for nobody. All files available for downloading will be owned by ftp. Now when the ftp user uploads to incoming, suiddir will change ownership from ftp to nobody, enforcing my quotas. I just have to be sure that nobody does not own files that are outside of incoming or else those files will be counted toward nobody's quota.

I had a 4GB drive to dedicate to ftp, so I mounted the drive at /ftp. As the article suggests, I created /ftp/etc, /ftp/pub, and /ftp/incoming. Because I am using disk quotas, there is a /ftp/quota.user file. I would like to know if there is a way to completely hide this file.



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 Re: Article Was Helpful
Author: Marcus Nedelman 
Date:   01-08-02 19:59

Hi Drew,

I agree, the article was very helpful.
One piece is not working for me, though. Permissions for incoming were set as specified in the article:
5777 and owner nobody. I made the entry in login.conf for ftp and mounted incoming SUIDDIR. Files are uploaded but the permissions on the uploaded files are to ftp and not nobody. Consequently, any ftp user can download and delete the uploaded files.
I wonder what I am doing wrong.


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 Re: Article Was Helpful
Author: Marcus Nedelman 
Date:   01-08-02 23:38

Mounting both /ftp and /ftp/incoming as SUIDDIR allowed the permissions for suid to be inherited.


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 Re: Article Was Helpful
Author: Roberto Medina 
Date:   02-10-02 00:40

I also thought it was helpful, but does anyone know how to limit ftpd to a 1 anonymous user? And... I thought I was using anonymous, but the user I created 'ftp1' can only login w/ the password I set... not that anonymous if you ask me. =/

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