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Article Feedback - installing bind8 from ports
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 Re: Client certificate?
Author: Gabor Komlossy 
Date:   18-02-02 16:03

I agree, this is not enough for client authorization. I will try today the following:

1. Start this howto and create a CA, a Server Certificate and configure Apache, but NOT convert the certificate to pkcs12 format.

2. Then I will create another "Server Certificate", which I will call Client Certificate, and use the client name in the CN field.

3. I will convert the second ceritificate, Client Certificate to pkcs12 format, put it on a floppy and give it to a client

4. The client will install the pkcs12 file in his browser

If this does not work, I will post a message here, so if there's no other messages here from me, the above procedure worked...

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