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Article Feedback - NAT rules - for IP Filter
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Author: Ken Dyer 
Date:   18-02-02 09:53

Followed instructions to the last letter, everything works fine for exactly 2 hours then my connection on my client to the net disappears, i can see packets going out the modem but nothing coming back in. I do a dhcp release renew and it starts working again......go figure, i can't.

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 Re: nat
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   18-02-02 16:33

Does sounds like a NAT problem. Sounds more like a DHCP problem. I had similar problems a week or two ago, but I would have to renew the lease manually and the problem reoccurred after about 4 days.

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 Re: nat
Author: JR 
Date:   22-02-02 04:05

try configuring crontab with:

0 0 * * * /usr/bin/killall dhclient && dhclient ed0

where 0 0 * * * is once a day. every day
and /usr/bin/killall dhclient - releases your ip and
dhclient ed0 - renews your ip ( the "&&" ensures the first command is complete before the second starts)

If there is an error in the syntax ..sorry..I am extremely tired.
But you get the idea.

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