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 Another bad port
Author: Evgeny Zislis 
Date:   20-01-02 15:05

Actually not only the apache port is doing bad things,
there are several other ports that upon their installation do bad things to their previous working condition.
to be more specific I encountered with this problem with the cvsup-mirror port.
The port checks if cvsupin:cvsupin uid/gid exist, and doesn't create new ones if they do.
But what it doesn't check is whether the /home/ncvs (the whole cvs repository) is owned by these uid/guis or not.

and it executes:
"Fixing ownerships and modes in ...."

which is actually a chown -R on the whole /home/ncvs dir.
and that is a Bad Thing, because it's already chowned.
and this is a waste of cpu/io.

There is also the gdm (gnome xdm) port, that always "rewrites" it's configuration files. Instead of creating new ".sample" ones.

Maybe there are some other ports that I had problems with, but I don't remember right now.

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 Re: Another bad port
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   20-01-02 19:18

I suggest you contact the ports mailing list and the port maintainer to let them know of this problem. I also suggest submitting a PR.

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