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 That's not all
Author: Nessus 
Date:   12-01-02 21:27

I find vim invaluble for daily machine use.

zsh is my favorite shell, as it is the kitchen sink shell, unfortunatly it's almost never installed by default on any machine. I just love my customized command completion, it significanty cuts down on excess keystrokes.

When X is installed Windowmaker is essental for a featureful yet reasonably lightweight window manager.

portupgrade is a necessity if you plan on installing more than a handful of ports and keep them up to date.

Finally, if you are installing a desktop machine, I recommend installing apsfilter, even if you don't really want a fancy printing system. Apsfilter depends on just about every graphics and X port, so it's a great port to fire off overnight and will get a lot of the common dependancies out of the way. If you don't really want the printing system, you can pkg_delete apsfilter once it's installed.

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 I hate vim. [Was: Re: That's not all]
Author: Adam Nealis 
Date:   15-01-02 01:52

I can't use vim as it comes by default (at least on Linux systems). The syntax colouring is unreadable, the indents
are a pain in the butt too. Try copying and pasting a shell
script from a window into a vim terminal, and swear as you
spend minutes getting the original indentation back - I
now use

cat > foo
[paste stuff here]
vi foo

just in case vi is really vim onm a given system.

I'll stick to vanilla vi thanks very much.

I've heard good things about zsh. It's a really small
executable, no?

portupgrade is superb too.

I don't use apsfilter. I prefer magicfilter and a2ps.

lynx is a must for dial up connections.

lsof is another favourite (sysutils/lsof).

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 Re: I hate vim.
Author: Michael Westbay 
Date:   18-01-02 10:53

> Try copying and pasting a shell
> script from a window into a vim terminal, and swear as you
> spend minutes getting the original indentation back

When I make that mistake, I just hit "u" to undo the mess, ":set noai" turn turn auto-indent off, then "." to repaste. And it repastes as though it were key strokes, so none of those annoying 120 column indents get put back in.

And it's just as easy to put "set noai" in ~/.vimrc (no quotes as that's the comment character).

I must admit, though, the auto-indent doesn't behave very nicely. And the japanese/vim* is a bit older and doesn't appear to support syntax coloring. (At least, not on a kterm.)

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Author: Yuri K 
Date:   20-01-02 11:34

is it OK to say that I love ksh93 ?
and the zsh comes with Solaris now btw, I was pleasantly surprised.


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