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 Re: We all make mistakes
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   14-01-02 04:56

I don't mind mistakes. It's just that this one is so glaringly obvious. When questions the actions of another, it's best to have the facts straight. On that note however, I have checked with the group that donated the CPUs and the disk for the xeon. They have said that I'm free to dispose of it as need be should that situation ever arise. All donations are used for the purpose intended. They go towards my use of FreeBSD and we know that I write about what I do. Basically, the donors said: As for anything you've gotten (and may get) from us, our position is that it should benefit the efforts of your work with FreeBSD. How you do that is -your- business.

In the past few weeks, I've spent about US$1000 buying two new boxes and three 40GB drives.

What I do need now or sometime over the next few months:

- a couple of very low-end video cards for use in servers
- a few long RJ45 networks cables
- a few power cables
- MS Natural keyboard
- memory (128, 256, or 512MB DIMM)
- monitor
- disks (IDE preferably > 2GB)
- low end mobo 486 or more (cases sell here for about US$25)

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