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 That's not all
Author: Nessus 
Date:   12-01-02 21:27

I find vim invaluble for daily machine use.

zsh is my favorite shell, as it is the kitchen sink shell, unfortunatly it's almost never installed by default on any machine. I just love my customized command completion, it significanty cuts down on excess keystrokes.

When X is installed Windowmaker is essental for a featureful yet reasonably lightweight window manager.

portupgrade is a necessity if you plan on installing more than a handful of ports and keep them up to date.

Finally, if you are installing a desktop machine, I recommend installing apsfilter, even if you don't really want a fancy printing system. Apsfilter depends on just about every graphics and X port, so it's a great port to fire off overnight and will get a lot of the common dependancies out of the way. If you don't really want the printing system, you can pkg_delete apsfilter once it's installed.

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