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 Re: Selling of donations
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   11-01-02 00:22

A Concerned Punter wrote:
> Readers of this article might be interested to know
> that the donated components (in fact the whole box) is being
> auctioned off at

It's good to be concerned. I would be too. Especially given that this box is used by me every day.

I'm happy to say that the concern is unfounded. You see, that is not my box. A short examination of the URL will show that the box for sale is in the UK. I'm in Ottawa.

Looking more closely at the URL you suppllied: "The box can also be seen in parts similar to this one on the following site". The URL states it is similar to the box in the article. It does not say it is the box referred to by this article.

> This doesn't really seem like a particularly good thing to do
> - any comments?

My main comment is that if you have an issue with me, bring it up. Confront me directly. Don't hide behind a title and a fake hotmail address. If I'm wrong, I'll admit my mistake.

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