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 Nice but wrong..
Author: Rob 
Date:   29-12-01 13:15

Not all ports should be upgraded this way.. You forget that there are ports such as Mysql and apache-ssl and php3 and php4 that require some level of interactive work to upgrade them in the ports collection.

You should before suggesting that people not use an interactive portupgrade, suggest that they do not in fact use softwares that have at any point been user interactive or that require special attention because of ssl keys or installation of a database which is not required due to previous installation.

Portupgrade is *NOT* a standard and should not be viewed as such simply for the fact that its not intuitive enough to know that there is a very real possibility that it could screw up a current software installed on the system such as what happened with apache-ssl on my system at one point.

Without realizing it I ended up completely trashing my apache server and had to reinstall all configurations and ssl keys from a backup.

Before all else people need to be reminded of these things so keep it in mind before you go making it sound like you can just drop a cron process in and allow portupgrade to do all the work without user interation. It truly does make a difference with a larger number of ports in the fbsd system.


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