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 neat, but i wish it would be standard...
Author: Lx 
Date:   14-12-01 07:24

Why wasn't an effort made to merge these with the existing package tools? Portupgrade is nice, but I hesitate to use something nonstandard on a regular basis, especially when the existing tools are almost as good. I use pkg_version -c, which usually does just what I need. Besides the pkgdb, and the dependency fixing, it doesn't do that much more, and the advantage of pkgdb isn't much for me. So why not break down, write them in C, and submit some patches to the existing tools?

Not to say that they aren't handy tools, it just seems like there's a bit of duplication of effort with them. I do like being able to use abbreviated package names, so I'll probably keep it around for that reason :)


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 Re: neat, but i wish it would be standard...
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   15-12-01 18:22

non-standard? Do you mean not included with the base system?

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 Re: neat, but i wish it would be standard...
Author: g2k 
Date:   02-01-02 02:40

cvsup for example isn't standard either (part of the base system that is) but everyone uses it regularily to update their system sources and it works just perfect. So I don't see what is wrong with using portupgrade and the pkg_tools.


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 Re: neat, but i wish it would be standard...
Author: Dilly 
Date:   17-04-02 05:22

Forget what he said about "standard" (i don't know either)

why NOT use

pkg_version -c >

instead of portupgrade?

the only thing innovative (as far as I know) in this package is pkgdb, which IS very useful

so why not submit this utility to the pkgconfig people?

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 Re: neat, but i wish it would be standard...
Author: K.C. 
Date:   08-07-03 03:29

From the pkg_version man page:

-c Enable commands output. Commands output includes the commands
you should type to update your installed packages to the latest
versions in the ports system. This feature does not constitute
an automated packages updating system. The output of this com-
mand must be edited, in order to avoid destroying dependencies
between installed packages.

I take the descriptions of portupgrade to mean that it will chase down all of those depending packages and change the version of the dependency in their DB entry to that of the newly upgraded port.

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