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 No hard disk seen
Author: Lawrence SMith 
Date:   06-11-01 06:39

Hmm, just went looking for anything on the Compaq LTE 5280 laptop and FreeBSD, because I have one which I'm playing with, and a wireless net PCMCIA card which won't speak Win95 (plus, I'm a Mac/Unix guy). D-Link DWL650 - working on the network with the wi0 driver (which is found whan I just slapped it into express mode without clearing conflicts - not a choice when visually fiddling with the kernel?).

Anyway, it works on the net - with the fixit disk I can telnet out. All should be lovely, but the hard disk is MIA when I go to configure it, so I was wondering if anyone who had been though the process on this particular model had tips on that problem (previously, I had luck on a desktop model though this point, but had an ethernet card that was not FreeBSD compatible. I'm an old hand at sys admin in general, but still trying to get that first FreeBSD machine all the way up).

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 No hard disk seen   new
Lawrence SMith 06-11-01 06:39 

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