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Article Feedback - Postfix - virtual domains
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 Recent Postfix Addendum
Author: mpowell 
Date:   05-12-09 19:59

A couple of things came to light recently with my own upgrade to 8.0-Release from 7.2-Release using the csup source and rebuild method.

1. - The startup in rc.conf has changed. It is now a postfix_enable="YES" with the four other sendmail_enable all set to "NO". As per the pkg-message. This is new and discovered after rebooting and Postfix didn't start.

2. - Periodic uses the system sendmail binary to send its emails. Placing the WITHOUT_SENDMAIL= true in src.conf will cause sendmail to not be built. It will still work up until you do a 'make delete-old-libs', then won't be found. While a quick temporary work around is easily arranged in libmap.conf, the proper fix is to rebuild sendmail for the new *.so.8 libs.

This hadn't bit me before as I'd neglected the 'make delete-old-libs' step, but this time wanted to "do it right". So the better path for next time may be to remove the entry from src.conf, let the new sendmail be built, and then do the portupgrade -f postfix last. This will make periodic happy.

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