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 Cloning XP Pro Drives
Author: Edward Appel 
Date:   05-09-04 17:18

The only thing that I have actually seen work in this scenario, as I have come across it many times before. You have to boot the original XP disk using a seperate boot device, such as a PCI IDE Controller. Make sure the system works, then clone that drive. Replace the original drive with the cloned drive on the same IDE controller and reboot, all should be fine, then install all the drivers for the raid controller, and any new chipset drivers that came with the mainboard. After that finishes with hopefully no errors, remove the IDE controller and connect the drive as you would normally, then reboot.

Edward Appel

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 Re: Cloning XP Pro Drives
Author: Dan 
Date:   21-10-04 01:09

If I understand you correctly, you mean that I should clone from the RAID controller to an IDE controller, get everything running, then move the cloned drive into the RAID controller, and rebuild the RAID from that. I wonder if that would work.


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 Re: Cloning XP Pro Drives
Author: Tom 
Date:   08-11-04 10:06

Partimage is a more user friendly option than dd.

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 Re: Cloning XP Pro Drives
Author: Bill P. 
Date:   06-05-05 16:06

The reason for the boot failure is that XP is tied to the original boot driver. You changed boot controllers.

As stated in an earlier comment, dd will work if you are just cloning disks that will run on the same controller.

If you have a working OS, you can also attempt to get Windows to load the drivers for your new controller, then do the DD and swap the cables to the new controller. I've seen mixed results, I think that the OS has to mark the new boot controller as a service of type "boot", and I can't tell you exactly how to force it.

This is the problem with straight disk images. If you change motherboards, you may also get a new boot controller that requires drivers that aren't on the boot disk. No bootie.

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 Re: Cloning XP Pro Drives
Author: ksaisjja 
Date:   28-03-07 05:40

I concur with Bill. Windows has to see the driver for the boot device controller at startup or it will crash. If you use an integrated motherboard controller and swap motherboards with anything other than the exact model you had, Windows will stop with a 0x0000007B Inaccessible Boot Device. If you do not disable automatic reboots, the system will reboot at this point and you may or may not get a glimpse of the stop error.

You can usually solve this error with an "in-place upgrade", that is to say booting to the original installation CD and selecting a repair installation.

I suspect this may have been the root of the problem as I have used DD in Linux to clone hard drives running XP Pro and Home editions with no problems with IDE to SATA, SCSI to SCSI, and SCSI to SATA.

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