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 Security through obscurity.
Author: alive 
Date:   31-01-07 17:06

Putting sshd on a "higher port" is security through obscurity.

Brute-force bots try a limited set of usernames, and should therefore in practice not be feared by a sensible admin.

Through this, we can conclude that if someone actually, really, wanted to break in to *your* server, changing the port of your sshd is not going to hinder them one least bit. The first thing a hacker ever does to a server is to probe for open ports using nmap.

However, I do believe that only allowing ssh key logins is a good part of the solution: Passwords are insecure.

For everybody else, I would suggest to either disable password authentication on their sshd, or download DenyHosts (It's in the ports, and on

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