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 hang with PCI grapics card
Author: rsmith 
Date:   28-05-06 12:04

Maybe it's the agp driver that is causing problems?

What happens if you build a kernel without the agp driver? It's included in the GENERIC kernel on amd64, i386 and pc98.

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 Re: hang with PCI grapics card
Author: BlueCoder 
Date:   04-06-06 23:37

My money is on it just being a motherboard BIOS issue. Try various video options in the BIOS if you have them. Turn on and off video caching etc.. Your in the minority of people using a PCI video card with that system board, esp with Freebsd. So if no BIOS affect it the only thing you can do is stick with the AGP card.

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 Re: hang with PCI grapics card
Author: RobotCEO 
Date:   03-04-07 08:26

In my experience Hangs of non busy mostly working systems are from two events. halts and unreturned interrupts. Halts can be usually related to error traps and the bios setup often can be told not to halt on errors (minor errors) the interrupts are more flaky which seems to fit you report. There are interrupt tests which will pound on the interrupts to see if one will skip or fail. I used to use diag but that was the dos days and I am showing my age. I have two cards now one is ISA slot card and it did more diagnostics. The newer one has card slot fingers on the top and bottom to handle ISA and PCI slots. I have seen none for the AGP slots. But I am only pointing you in what to test in this reply. The approach I would use would be to repeat the running looping Interrupt diags with diffrent boards inserted in the pci (nothing in the agp.) If a board causes trouble try it in another unit Test it if possable. This will pinpoint the slot, mother board, pci adaptor The repair of the failed device is most likely beyond you. If you want to go deeper a oscilloscope is needed a a big time budget.

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 Re: hang with PCI grapics card
Author: Eric 
Date:   04-01-08 21:49

I just had a very similar issue. I did a full, clean install of 6.2-STABLE on a new Compaq Evo D310 I acquired. I configured options in /etc/rc.conf and did a reboot to check the boot sequence. When the power came back on, there was no bios screen, nothing; just a blank screen.

After searching for a while, I found this article. I pulled the NVIDIA FX5700 video card the previous owner had installed and switched to the integrated card. Then it magically booted as normal. I find it distressing that FreeBSD did not handle this more gracefully. This is my time with FreeBSD, but I am a long time Linux user. Luckily, I want a headless box, so the video card does not matter to me.

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