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Article Feedback - Laptop stolen
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 Re: I feel your pain...
Author: rebecca 
Date:   13-05-05 07:35

cannot describe the feelings of loss i have my laptop was stolen in venice. i had saved up to be able to take my little boy on holiday (i am a single mum,) it was difficult to get all the cases and bags organised and keep an eye on littlun as we moved from plane to bus to taxi, and i am normally completely fastidious about my precious laptop as it has my work and all my personal photos, special ones i just took at my little girl's party.. these are irreplaceable. on top of all that, my essays for my law degree exams were on there. unbelievable i know, but that is the reason i took the laptop on holiday with me - i hadto finish them for the deadline. I had backed up the essays in rough but i got so depressed about it all i found myself unable to work for a week. the irony is i had the photos still on the memory card of my camera but decided to delete them at the last minute to make room for my holiday pictures of venice. needless to say i cant bear to look at a single one.

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