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Article Feedback - Installing via wireless NIC
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 Is this article just a tease...
Author: ltwally 
Date:   24-02-05 18:34

Is this article just some sort of tease, or is there actually going to be something here... it's been over a month, and it's still just a place-holder!

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 Re: Is this article just a tease...
Author: BSDman64 
Date:   24-03-05 23:21

I just bought a HP ALL-IN-1 PhotoSmart 2610. Under WinXP Pro/Home it's great, but I would LOVE to have it accessable from my FreeBSD boxes. It's connected to my network via Ethernet.

So, I hope this is not just a tease...

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 Re: Is this article just a tease...
Author: Anonymous 
Date:   02-04-05 16:03

Dan has probably run into the same problems that I have with this exact printer.

I'm running CUPS with Samba RAW printing for my Windows clients on FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE-p5.

The ulpt driver doesn't jive with this printer at all. It would say "USB port busy" and I'd have to restart the printer after practically every job, and then go into CUPS, and re-start the printer. Not a good situation.

I also got core dumps almost immediately when printing with the following kernel:

include GENERIC
options USB_DEBUG
makeoptions DEBUG=-g

I also changed the following lines in the driver code:

int ulptdebug = 9;

int usbdebug = 9;

I wanted to sumbit a PR, but "real life" happened.

I switched over to a parallel cable, and this little (well not so little) printer is now chugging along like a tank. Moral: don't use this as a USB device in at least 5.3-RELEASE, use the parallel port.

This has taken me a long time to get this far.

(I haven't had the time to get the post-script drivers running well under FreeBSD, the one for this printer that comes with ports/hpijs just spits out a black page when I print a test page -- with the parallel cable.)

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 Re: Is this article just a tease...
Author: Eric Anholt 
Date:   19-04-05 18:14

The fix I found for this (with this exact printer) was to change the tray in the cups web admin thing from "default" to "auto". Bizarre, yes, but successful. Even our windows boxes are printing to it now.

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