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 Wireless internet
Author: Henk Wevers 
Date:   17-08-01 19:24

Do not forget to put this options in your FreeBSD router!

device pcic0
device pcic1
device card

With this options the pci converter works fine.


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 Re: Wireless internet
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   17-08-01 23:04

What version of FreeBSD are those for? I've been speaking with the pccard developer about this. At the time, it wasn't possible, AFAIK.

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 Re: Wireless internet
Author: Travis Ogden 
Date:   22-09-01 00:23

Does anyone have any information with setting up desktops for wireless? How about with Ambicon ( ieee 802.11b?

Thanx for any help!

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 Re: Wireless internet
Author: Gawd 
Date:   30-10-01 19:20

Yeah, tons of nice ones for OpenBSD and FreeBSD!

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Author: Francisco Miralha da Silveira 
Date:   27-03-05 16:19


I'm trying to put 2 pccards (orinoco wavelan) on my desktop, using PCMCIA->ISA adapter.

FreeBSD 4.11 stable insists in cosider the second card in "slot0", ie
every time I insert a card in, it says: "pccard inserted in slot0"
so wi1 never is configured.

# Generally available IO ports
io 0x240-0x360
# Generally available IRQs (Built-in sound-card owners remove 5)
irq 3 4 7 10 11 13 15
# Available memory slots
memory 0xd0000 96k
memory 0xd4000 96k

# Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE
card "Lucent Technologies" "WaveLAN/IEEE"
config auto "wi0"
config auto "wi1"
insert /etc/pccard_ether_wi0
insert /etc/pccard_ether_wi1
remove /sbin/ifconfig wi0 delete
remove /sbin/ifconfig wi1 delete

# /etc/pccard_ether_wi0
wicontrol -i wi0 -p 1
wicontrol -i wi0 -c 1
wicontrol -i wi0 -n server
wicontrol -i wi0 -s router1
wicontrol -i wi0 -t 1
wicontrol -i wi0 -f 1

# /etc/pccard_ether_wi1
wicontrol -i wi1 -p 1
wicontrol -i wi1 -n internal-net
wicontrol -i wi1 -s int-net
wicontrol -i wi1 -t 3

Someone have some "tip" for me?

thank you in advance

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