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Article Feedback - Setting up a printer
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 Color printing on laser paper
Author: parv 
Date:   31-01-05 01:23

Price is nice indeed.

Let us know how good is the color printing on 20-24lb laser paper, the kind used in regular text printing, of a photograph (say for creating textbook/yard sale signs).

Are you going to connect it via ethernet directly or a print server (but not via "regular" computer that would need to be up all the time)?

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 Re: Color printing on laser paper
Author: janvs 
Date:   16-02-05 17:51

Thinking of buying this printer as well, but I'll just wait and see how Dan will set it up in a BSD environment first. At least that's what I think he'll do.
Otherwise there isn't much sense writing an article about it here, right? ;)
So I guess it'll fit in your "regular computer"-theory, parv.

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 Re: Color printing on laser paper
Author: parv 
Date:   01-03-05 20:39

I *was* interested in making a printer available on the network which has only USB and/or parallel port connection(s), no ethernet jack, w/o keeping a "regular" computer on all the time (or waiting for both the printer and computer to boot).

Well, i put my "Lexmark Optra E310", a PCL & PS2 emulation printer, on LAN yesterday night/this morning after finding out that "rp=LPT1" pair was needed in /etc/printcap for "SMC 7004ABR", a 4-port router endowed w/ one parallel port and one serial port. Without the value of "LPT1", nothing was being printed. Now i have to try if i can specify the IP address (of the router) in the printcap entry to keep /etc/hosts relatively clean.

I was able to print from Windows (XP, ME, 98) already; i solved the last hurdle (yester|to)day such that i can print from Unix too. Whoopee!

PS: It is quite possible that SMC 7400ABR's document had something to say about printing from Unix, but i am pretty much sure it did not emphasize (enough) to specify "LPT1" as the queue name.

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