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Article Feedback - NetSaint - a network monitor
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 Why set the hostname
Author: Joe 
Date:   26-09-01 09:15

By the way, great site. I use it quite often. I was reading some mail on -questions, and someone pointed someone to this article. You mention setting the actual hostname of the machine to the @Home DHCP id. Is this necessary? Doesn't it work with just the send hostname directive in dhclient.conf? Just curious.


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 Re: Why set the hostname
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   26-09-01 16:08

I didn't write the article, but I do use @home. So I'm guessing. @home don't care what your host name is. They are just using the host-name facility of DHCP to grab your user id or account id [in this context user id/account id is your @HOME account, as shown in the article: cr123456-a]. They then use this to set up your DHCP details. They know that value. They assigned it to you. They have control over it.

They don't care that your box is named Imagine if they had to coordinate all the hostnames for their users? "No, I'm sorry, you can't call your box Scruffy, because someone else has already used that name".

Make sense?

And yes, I'm guessing.

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