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Article Feedback - IBM ThinkPad T41
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 Music CDs
Author: Adam 
Date:   04-09-04 19:10

Great Article, it helped me get FreeBSD running on my T41. I just had a question though, have you had any issues trying to play music CDs?? I keep getting an "Invalid argument" mesage when trying to mount the CD. Checked the forums with no luck, so I figured I'd ask somebody with a similar setup.

Thanks again for the very useful article.

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 Re: Music CDs
Author: Dan 
Date:   20-10-04 00:26

I have never tried audio CDs.


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 Re: Music CDs
Author: Adam 
Date:   13-03-05 04:24

Got it to work a while ago, but had forgotten to post about it...

turned out all I needed to do was to install the xmms-cdread plugin. It pays to read through the pkg-descr in the ports collection. Then again, to some that might just be common sense... first time FreeBSD user, so what do I know.

Once again, thanks for your article,

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