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Article Feedback - Upgrading to stunnel 4
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 cvsup with stunnel
Author: steeef 
Date:   19-10-02 23:53

ok, so i've got stunnel set up exactly the way you've set it up here. when i connect from the client to localhost:5999, it tunnels fine, but then the cvsup client reports an unexpected EOF (or something to this effect), and the stunnel log says "SSL_connect: Peer suddenly disconnected". any ideas?

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 Re: cvsup with stunnel
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   21-10-02 17:00

steeef wrote:
> any ideas?

Yes. Post in the FreeBSD Support section of this website.

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 Re: cvsup with stunnel
Author: TatuSalin 
Date:   14-06-04 07:50

Hello. Did you by the way get that function correctly? I make my practical training ith this same stunnel and get the same log-file ...
SSL_connect: Peer suddenly disconnected

CAn you help me a little bit and say what the problem is??

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 Re: cvsup with stunnel
Author: Dennis 
Date:   24-08-04 12:14

Hi. I'm also encountering this problem. Do you know what the problem is?

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 Re: cvsup with stunnel
Author: Steve 
Date:   22-02-05 00:03

I realise this is an old thread but has anyone tried ;

socket = r:SO_LINGER=1:60

Juggle remote setting with others as necessary.

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