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 Things ain't going so easy for me...
Author: MPCM 
Date:   22-09-01 03:25

I've been trying on an off for a few days to install 4.4 from an iso, web, cdrom, etc.. all with failures relating to coping the kernel file over. So, I'm installing 4.3 and then will upgrade from there. Anyone else having these issues with either a cdrom, the iso image (local anon ftp), or from the freebsd servers?

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 Re: Things ain't going so easy for me...
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   22-09-01 07:13

Perhaps if you gave more detail on the problem. And perhaps if you asked in the phorum rather than the article comments.

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 Re: Things ain't going so easy for me...
Author: fred 
Date:   23-09-01 02:51

Are you sure its not just the immutable flag ?

root # ls -lo /kernel
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root wheel schg 4135768 Sep 7 16:33 /kernel
root # chflags noschg /kernel

And try again.

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 Re: Things ain't going so easy for me...
Author: Bernie 
Date:   16-10-01 07:11

Another nice problem is when you run vinum. I had a 4.2-STABLE box from early May or so with /home on a bunch of vinum partitions over several drives. Installed the 4.4. kernel (via NFS, that's just so cool :-) and rebooted. Well, upon boot vinum was printing a few errors about my home partition (don't remember the details, but in essence it said that all disks making up home are invalid ... ooops!). After some back and forth it turned out that this was also caused by a versioning problem. This time between the userland part of vinum (still 4.2) and the vinum kernel module (4.4.), Fortunately, my /var, /usr and / were on normal partitions. From the console I could do installworld and mergemaster. After another reboot even /home came up fine in a sleek 4.4-RELEASE system.

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 Re: Things ain't going so easy for me...
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   16-10-01 23:46

This is one of the reasons why I'm not going to do any reboots during the upgrade process. Some people have suggsested rebooting after installing a new kernel. But that sometimes gives you an unusable system.

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 Re: Things ain't going so easy for me...
Author: Per-Arne Holtmon Akoe 
Date:   27-10-01 22:37

If you've got console access to a box, rebooting to or atleast dropping to single mode is a good idea when doing installworld. I have made a computer totally unusable by not installing a new kernel before the installworld, and this was when going from 3.x-S to 4.x-S. I had to get an ISO and do a complete reinstall for that mistake. I've also rendered a box unable to do what is was supposed to do by doing installworld while operating. It didn't take long to fix, but it was annoying sitting there waiting for that old 133MHz to get done so I had 'Net access again :)

I also know of some others who have had to reinstall since they didn't reboot to new kernel in single mode or atleast dropped to single mode when installing. I can see the difficulties of doing that remotely, but it really sucks when your new 4.x-S bins doesn't understand anything about the old 3.x-S kernel, making them core dump on SIGSEG. And yes, that probably includes bins like install, make, sh, etc, all which are frequently run when doing installworld. I always reboot to single now :)

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