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 Home Racks and Fires
Author: Chuck McManis 
Date:   21-03-04 18:04

I know from personal experience that you want the servers that have data you might want to recover after a fire on the *bottom* of the rack. This is because things above waist level will be so completely destroyed by fire that they will be even more expensive to recover.

However, in every case you should note the exact manufacturer and model number of each hard drive in your system. Further you should note their relative positions in the chassis. When I got back my system after a fire the two HD's looked like identical charcoal briquets. One had my web site on it, one had the latest FreeBSD sources on it. $1,200 for each drive to restore, I only needed one but it was going to cost $2,400 to do two. Not nice.

Systems in the fire that were below waist level had drives that could still be used to copy from.

If you can put an "autodump" fire extinguisher near your system (it goes off automatically when the end gets to a specific temperature) then do so.


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 Re: Home Racks and Fires
Author: Dan 
Date:   22-03-04 12:44

Sorry about your fire.

Everyone should have backups, stored away from the home.


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