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Article Feedback - Apache - starting/stopping
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Author: Jim G 
Date:   05-12-03 15:58

You are big time now stepping into the realm of defending your content

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 Re: Fraud
Author: Dan 
Date:   05-12-03 16:11

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time this has happened. Some time ago, had several of my articles. Today I found another example. A reader wrote about an error. Later, not having the message to hand, I went to search for the phrase. I used Google and found this You will note that has taken the content, complete with error. I have not yet corrrected the error, but will do so soon.

The defcon article is at and I have saved the image at

It's sad. I don't mind people using my work to better their lives. But I resent theft.


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 Re: Fraud
Author: Jon 
Date:   06-12-03 00:52

More than understandable. As a fellow how-to writer, I am always amazed how many places I will find identical articles while doing research. What's even more amazing, is they all seem to have a different author.


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