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 Re: Suggestions for your website
Author: k 
Date:   08-05-03 14:25

Dan Langille wrote:
> k wrote:
> >
> > The site doesn't resolve...
> That is because it was deregistered recently:
> > take your garbage somewhere else spambag!
> Take your attitude and prejudice elsewhere. It is not wanted
> on these forums. Reaching the spam conclusion is quite
> illogical.

The post I was referring to has been deleted under the topic "Suggestions for your website" (the original post is no longer
here). It was a blatant ad for a web design company in which the spammer said he had visited the website and offered suggestions after the domain had been deregistered.It even had a "remove link" disclaimer. Since the original post has been deleted, it makes my post looks like I am replying to someone else and makes
it look out of context.

If the post that had been deleted was put back up, I feel my comments would not display an "attitude and prejudice".

...well ok, I do have an attitude and prejudice against spammers..

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