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FreeBSD Pets
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Author: icmpecho 
Date:   04-10-00 09:14

i have a dog
<a href=""></a>

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Author: Matt Grant 
Date:   06-10-00 21:19

I have a few pets 3 cats a bird and a frog.
I have a few posted <A HREF="">HERE</A>. I haven't gotten any of my newest Cat or my Frog.

Every time I use my computer at home one CAT takes my seat and falls asleep. the other one walks on my keyboard
and screws me all up. When I'm done shewing them away
the go and harrass my Bird.

It's know wonder I don't get nothing done around the house.

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 RE: pets
Author: rudy 
Date:   17-10-00 01:10

I have pigs:
<a href=><img src=></a>.

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 RE: pets
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   17-10-00 03:09

Well, that's *not* the type of pig I expected to see. I'm more used to pork-pigs when it comes to pigs. I know a few people that keep them as pets. Not the huge porkers, but smaller ones. Say smaller than a large collie, for example.

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 Just 1
Author: Jordan Block 
Date:   01-11-00 05:30

I've got a cat, she's a few years old now I think, and enjoys sleeping next to my monitors. When she was a kitten, she actually played a pretty mean game of Dark Forces by walking on the keyboard!

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 RE: pets
Author: rudy 
Date:   12-11-04 01:23

I guess the img src tag doesn't work any more... I guess after 4 years, the system changed.

Well, I am still using FreeBSD and am excited to migrate all my machines for 5.3 this week.

Cruising here and seeing all the ads made me think... Can I pay to have some ads here, or trade with hosting/mirroring the site?

You could set up round robin DNS, and whenever my mirror was up, I'd dish out the same pages except the ad banners would all be for!

support at my ISP's domain is a good way to reach me.


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