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 bad mount of linux file system in fstab
Author: Hern42 
Date:   01-08-05 08:19


I am quite new to freebsd although I'm making the jump from linux and not XP... it could/should help!
I installed Freebsd on my laptop along with a Debian and XP (for collegues at work compatibilities reasons) and tried to have access to my linux partition from freesbd. It worked perfectly with mount, so I modified /etc/fstab in order to have it mounted automatically at boot... but when I boot it tries to do a fsck_ext3... and cannot (maybe I dont have this packet installed...) and then stop the boot procedure and give me /bin/sh.
I tried to vi into fstab and remove the line where I mount my linux file system but I am in a read-only mode. So I cannot even get it on the screen (but I can cat it...)

Someone has a solution? How to enter in some safe/debug mode to remove this bloody line!!! Or maybe make it work otherwise...

I also apologise for my english and probably bad technical vocabulary... I am french for one and not too good with computer either.



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Hern42 01-08-05 08:19 
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Hern42 01-08-05 12:17 
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Dan 02-08-05 13:54 

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