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Author: Wally 
Date:   22-04-05 23:24

I've got my boot floppies made and they work well. My problem is with downloading the installation CD. I've got 7 CD's I've burned thinking it must be the download. I am trying to install on a laptop and I don't have an internet connection to it. I don't have multiple operating systems, I just want Free BSD. I'm taking care of a virtual server running on Apache with FreeBSD and I want a test bed that I can use while not messing with the real deal. I got that working, course all was loaded, all I had to do was configure the site, which compared to this was a breeze. When I boot from floppy I get all the way to "committing", what it's called in Absolute BSD, which I've about torn to shreds trying to figure this out. At committ I choose yes and the hard drive spins, the CD lights up and no way can I go to lunch. I get the message "unable to transfer the base distribution from acd0." The CD works, I've loaded Windows just to verify and it loads, then I start all over, done it a couple of times. The discs I've burned have on them:
5.3 RELEASE i386-boot only (2 of them)
5.3 RELEASE-i386 disc 1 (2 of them)
5.3 ISO (1)
5.4 BETA 1 i386 ISO boot only (1)
4.11 RELEASE i386 disk 2 (1)
And numerous read me's & errata's. If I wasn't stubborn I'd just go buy the darn thing. Oh yea the laptop has a 20 g hard drive, 128 mb ram, 486. Any guidence will be greatly appreciated, I just want to learn this. Thanks.

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