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 SSH2 & portsentry
Author: Joe Makanak 
Date:   02-11-00 19:02


I have two questions to ask:

1) How do I install SSH2 ? I install it from the ports collection, but I can never
find the files I need to configure, and how do I generate a key? What apps can I
use to connect to this? Also, how can I start and stop the sshd2 at boot? do I just add sshd2_enable="NO" in rc.conf? Help! (totally new at SSH)

2) How do I get portmap (or any app really) to start during system initialization?

** Thanks...
** Joe Makanak

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 RE: SSH2 & portsentry
Author: Joe Makanak 
Date:   02-11-00 19:04

Did I say portmap? I meant portsentry.

- Joe M

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 RE: SSH2 & portsentry
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   02-11-00 23:45

Personally I'd recommend SSH1 or OpenSSH to the commercially grade SSH2. As for portsentry, this should be in the ports collection. I use both to great effect. =].

I do believe you can get ssh1 from

As for the OpenSSH, I do believe that to be a port in the ports collection.


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 RE: SSH2 & portsentry
Author: Don Brearley 
Date:   05-11-00 00:53


here is how to do it, however this method is for FreeBSD 4.1-RELEASE
I dont know if it will work on any other versions. let me know.


Write a short script to execute portsentry and put it in your /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ directory and give it appropriate permissions. (chmod 655

Heres an example: (which probably sucks)

portsentry -tcp


As for SSH2.. go and download it from and then:

# gzip -dc ssh-2.x.x.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
# cd ssh-2.x.x
# ./configure
# make
# make install

If you want it to start, follow essentially the same info that I gave you for getting portsentry to start at boot time.

This information was easily obtained from - yeah, who would have
thought to check the creators website eh?

Hope it helps, questions? leave em here and i'll reply.

- Don Brearley

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