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 4.1.1-STABLE isn't so stable ;)
Author: Sukotto 
Date:   01-11-00 04:21

Hello, I have a logitech wireless mouse. Ever since I upgraded and recompiled m kernel, I've had some serious problems with it. It is very screwy, it fanatically moves around the screen. How can this be fixed? Or better yet, what is wrong with it? I saw a patch for psm.c in the freebsd faq, however it was for 3.2 and earlier, as well I had no idea how to apply it.

thank you.

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 RE: 4.1.1-STABLE isn't so stable ;)
Author: DarkElf 
Date:   01-11-00 16:26

First of all, logitech wireless mouses are know to f**kup alot. I used to have one and it started doing that 6 months after I bought it... personally, go for a traditional logitech or the trackballs one, they work great.

Second of all, 4.x tree be unstable because some HD controllers are not well supported. Some nic cards are also known to do lock-ups. Need more info? read the release notes/hardware notes.

Users should die, server shall live! (BOFH)
Jean-Francois Laforest (DarkElf)

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 RE: 4.1.1-STABLE isn't so stable ;)
Author: topdown 
Date:   03-11-00 06:50

First of all, is this in X or on the console?

If it is in X, make sure you have the proper protocol set for your mouse in /etc/XF86Config and make sure that there is no XF86Config in your home directory for whomever starts X, because that one will get used instead of the default.

The reason I mention the protocol is that when I was experimenting, changing the protocol for something odd tended to make my mouse fly around like you described. In any case, I'm using a wireless logitech and the protocol is IntelliMouse so I could get the scroll wheel to work - bas ackwards...but hey, it works :-)


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