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 Software problems with Freebsd
Author: bud 
Date:   19-11-04 17:48

Hi, I'm a fairly recent user of freebsd and have spent many hours installing and re-installing different versions to get their applications to install and install right. What a headache it can be especially when all the support and handbook pages say "make install" and that's it. Right! I've tried ports on these and usually I have to install all these dependecies first and most of the time one or more fail on the ole "make install" before I even get the app I want installed. Pkgs aren't that great because there is no way to configure (that I know of) them.

I want to install it with Apache2 and PHP5(with Mysql support). I had done a new install the other day and got Apache and PHP5 installed(Apache2 failed on install) during the initial install as a package. Great however, no support for MySQL which I NEED. PKg's are the only way I've ever got software to install. Ports never seem to work and if they do, fetch never can get the additional files it needs, etc....

It comes down to this, is there a better way to go (Versions of BSD, Software, ports or pkgs) to get Apache and PHP with Mysql support running on FreeBSD. Eventually I want some more stuff but I'm a little frustrated with FreeBSD and was thinking to go to Linux or another BSD. It stifles me that all the doc's on and have better docs on installing their software for Unix but, when I've tried doing it that way, FreeBSD doesn't even recognize apachectl as a command. So I assumed that their docs are for only UNIX and not BSD's.

Help please!

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 Re: Software problems with Freebsd
Author: Dan 
Date:   20-11-04 03:58

Are you using the ports tree?


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 Re: Software problems with Freebsd
Author: bigHairyBird 
Date:   20-11-04 04:28


You have to be in the specific directory 'apachectl' lives in for the command to function - unless you have /usr/local/sbin/ in your path. To find 'apachectl' on your machine consider:

find / -name "apachectl" -print

Try taking a look at

Like a good woman you don't just 'get' FeeBSD in one night, or any OS for that matter.

Perseverance is the key. Good luck.

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