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 Stolen Laptop
Author: nadia phillips 
Date:   31-10-04 17:11

could you please also copy your email to me, to
Thank you

I had my laptop stolen from my house over a week ago. It was a HP Omnibook 4500 XE /windows professional.
Whilst I never thought to install any 'specialist tracking software' a matter I now dearly regret, I wondered if there may be another means of tracking it, should it go on-line.

I have heard that P4 processors, carry their own unique serial number? If this is so (I have records at home of all relevant serial numbers ID etc) who or how can I get somebody to do a trace on it for me?

Any advice you may be able to offer would be of great assistance aour nd I look forward to your earliest reply.

Many thanks in advance

Miss nadia phillips


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 Re: Stolen Laptop
Author: bigHairyBird 
Date:   01-11-04 18:37

Perhaps On-Star is missing the boat here.

Maybe we need to cultivate a friendly relationship with a spy-ware developer so that if one of our laptops walksaway it will send us enough information to track it down.

So much potential profit, so little time.

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 Re: Stolen Laptop
Author: danny browne 
Date:   11-11-04 22:54

Man that would have been a great final year project.

I'm in my final year of computer science and boy do i wish this thread had been posted 2 moths ago. (dont mean to sound unsympathetic - i'm just saying)

in terms of tracing your laptop, im not definate on this so dont quote me, but im fairly sure. Basically it aint gonna happen. Even if it is feasable to run a trace of this nature (which i'm pretty sure it's not) it would be wildly illegal.

sorry, dont mean to sound unsypathetic but you did ask.

Danny Browne

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 Re: Stolen Laptop
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   17-11-04 22:34

With the advent of Centrino chips, it would be wise to devise some way to have the system snag an open AP in transit (assuming the machine is on) and "phone home" if a BIOS password is incorrectly entered more than say 3 times.

Keeping it at the BIOS level (while not 100% secure) is probably a better method than the O/S.

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 Re: Stolen Laptop
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   17-11-04 22:46

Speaking of which, Phoneix BIOS already uses TheftGuard if it's enabled.

"When a TheftGuard-equipped system is stolen, the owner provides instructions through the TheftGuard web site. The next time the lost computer connects to the Internet, TheftGuard is activated and either disables the machine, wipes its hard drive, or transmits information on the physical location where the signal originates.",aid,110883,00.asp

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 Re: Stolen Laptop
Author: bigHairyBird 
Date:   19-11-04 00:27

Sweet Jesus, I have a newly stolen laptop I can never use on the Internet :(

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 Re: Stolen Laptop
Author: fianna 
Date:   27-11-04 15:19

afterwhich... a Phoneix BIOS then comes to your home and beats you with the stolen laptop.

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