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 Using USB2.0 Hard Drives on FreeBSD...
Author: Forrest 
Date:   13-11-04 03:01

I posted a request for help on freebsd-usb, but didn't get any responses yet. I figure some of the helpful people here might have some experience with this issue (or have some advice).

I needed extra disk space on one of my machines (in short order). So I
decided to experiment with attaching a USB2.0 hard drive (Maxtor
OneTouch) to the system (SIIG PCI controller). I use a OneTouch on my
Windows/XP sytem and it works really well.

I wanted to explore placing my mailstore on an external USB2.0 drive -
would be easy to port the data to another system if I needed.

However, in experimenting with replicating some data (via rsync), I'm
wondering if this is a bad idea. While rsyncing data over the wire to
the USB2.0 drive (mirroring some data, basically), the shell response to
something like "ls" would hang (eventually completed, but much later).

I wonder if someone can advise about the use of this drive for that
purpose (mailstore) and if there may be some tunables I would need to
tweak to get better performance.

Thanks in advance!

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 Re: Using USB2.0 Hard Drives on FreeBSD...
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   17-11-04 22:25

USB HDD support in FreeBSD is a bit lacking for my tastes. At least you were able to make it work for something. I have a 32M jump drive I'd like to play with, but apparently the type I have causes a system panic in 4.10.

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 Re: Using USB2.0 Hard Drives on FreeBSD...
Author: Forrest 
Date:   19-11-04 19:41

I understood that FreeBSD-4.10 did not support USB2.0 (just 1.x).

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