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 remote SMTP relaying
Author: Gelboe 
Date:   25-10-04 13:27


I am having a "relay denied" problem when trying to send outgoing mail through sendmail.

I can connect to and collect mail from my POP account fine from Outlook, however when trying to send mail through the other way out to I get the "relay denied" error.

I have tried adding the domain to the access.db file, this didnt work. If i add the follwing line to the access.db file: RELAY

i still get the relay denied error

if i add this line: "no way"

i see this message in the error (indicating that my updates to the access.db file are actually working)

i have also tried OK

again I get the "relay denied" error.

Can you suggest how I can get this outgoing mail to work??

Thanks for any help in advance

Kind Regards


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 Re: remote SMTP relaying
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   25-10-04 15:56

this will only work if your IP address resolves to

Try adding your internal subnet to the list and see if it solves the issue.

eg: if your intenal subnet is, then

192.168.0 OK


192.168.0 RELAY

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 Re: remote SMTP relaying
Author: Gelboe 
Date:   25-10-04 16:25

Thanks for your response,

How do I find out what my internal subnet is? (forgive me I am new to freebsd)

Thanks for your time

Kind Regards

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 Re: remote SMTP relaying
Author: fianna 
Date:   02-11-04 07:27

try using webmin... maybe teh gui interface will help you.

no pun intended.

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