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 Kernel Compiling....
Author: Bryan 
Date:   29-10-00 01:28

I've been reading up on how to add my soundcard to the kernel(This is my first time compiling a custom kernel), and I added the following to my custom kernel:

device pcm0


device pcm

I've tried both. The problem is that everytime:
/usr/sbin/config -r SNDKRNL
it spits out a message saying that I have a syntax error. I have been to several websites, and that is the exact format(device pcm0) that was used. Has something changed in BSD? I installed the latest stable release of BSD from the FTP server last night. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time and patience with a newbie!

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 RE: Kernel Compiling....
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   29-10-00 02:00

It helps if you show us the exact error message.

Perhaps <a href=""></a> will help.

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 RE: Kernel Compiling....
Author: Bryan 
Date:   29-10-00 05:06

The exact error I got:

"Line 173: Syntax Error"

Line 173 is "device pcm0"


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 RE: Kernel Compiling....
Author: Bryan 
Date:   29-10-00 05:13

I also have tried like the sound how-to document says here at freebsddiary, using "device pcm", and still I get a syntax error.

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 RE: Kernel Compiling....
Author: DarkElf 
Date:   30-10-00 16:12

What version are you running? (2.x 3.x or 4.x tree?)

Users should die, servers shall live! (BOFH)
Jean-Francois Laforest (DarkElf)

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