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Author: fragment 
Date:   06-10-04 04:21

I set up a freebsd machine up at work that I can access from my winxp machine just fine through ssh. However, I cannot access the machine from the outside (home) due to the firewall restriction. I was wondering if there was any way I can set it up (through tunnel?) so i could access it from my home computer (outside, XP)? Thanks. Any references to link sites would be great! I'd just like to be able to access my account through ssh so I could use bx. Thanks.

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 Re: Tunneling
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   06-10-04 14:47

You could technically bind SSH to an allowed port through the firewall.

For example, if you're not using 80 or 443 on your BSD machine, you can bind sshd to one of those to bypass the firewall restriction.

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 Re: Tunneling
Author: fragment 
Date:   06-10-04 15:21

The ports are being used. Any other ideas?

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 Re: Tunneling
Author: fragment 
Date:   06-10-04 21:32

I found out that port 8080 is used. Any suggestions on how I could go about binding sshd to port 8080? Thanks. I tried doing sshd -p 8080, however, it won't allow me to connect it... it'll just stay there connecting to it but not actually having connected to it. Thanks.

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 Re: Tunneling
Author: fianna 
Date:   02-11-04 08:11

use putty. with teh tunnels like el_kab0ng said previous.

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