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 Qmail How-To
Author: Flattie McGee 
Date:   30-10-00 08:56

Hey hey hey.. I've written up a 'qmail' howto, its on

It describes the steps needed to make virtual domains, web based email, and web based mail domain administration.. amongst a few other things.

I'm currently working on implementing anti virus support, and integrating it with mysql, so in the future.. look for updates ;)

If you find problems (like a few have, feel free to msg me and I'll get the html updated)..


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 RE: Qmail How-To
Author: GigCo 
Date:   31-10-00 11:35

yo Flatz.. :P
really a great howto.. yes it is !!

lemme say sumthing about MUA's to work with qmail.
Im using FreeBSD4.1R.
Now my qmail running and it works fine.
I just installed mutt . Could be im just a luser or newbie .. dunno how to predict :)
To get mutt working with qmail i have to edit a few line in .muttrc.

Here's how & what file ive edited.
1: add my mail path to my zprolife 'coz im using zsh shell.. kewl eh.
== PATH=$PATH:/sbin:/usr/sbin:usr/local/sbin
export PATH MANPATH MAIL <-- it will let your spool/mail as Maildir

2: then i copy my /usr/local/doc/mutt/samples/sample.muttrc ~/.muttrc.
=then edited a few lines in .mutrc :
==set folder=~/Maildir <-- daya use Maildir or Mailbox darn!!
scroll down..
==set spoolfile='~/Maildir' <--- Now here it is how to get mutt working with qmail..
==set tmpdir=~Maildir/tmp
scroll down
==mailboxes `echo $HOME/Maildir/*` <-- important too

hehe that should do.. heh.. i like those colors in mutt.. dont forget !! read manual.txt for mutt ..
Hope this one would help bye
C yer !!

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 RE: Qmail How-To
Author: Flattie McGee 
Date:   31-10-00 17:34

I'm glad the Howto helped you. Unfortunetly.. I have yet to play with PINE or MUTT with Maildir on any type of unix system. I'd recommend coming into #qmail on EFNet or checking out the qmail mailing list archives located at:

Lemme know how your quest goes.. I wouldn't mind adding a Mutt section into the Howto..

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 RE: Qmail How-To
Author: GigCo 
Date:   31-10-00 19:19

hi Flatz,
actually the memo that i wrote a few hours ago just to share of my experience
how and what did i do get mutt works with qmail .
It was just like an explaination not a question .
Thanks anyway ..dude , as far as i concern qmail and mutt could lives together thats all. :P

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 your messages are being deleted as they arrive
Author: No more spam 
Date:   25-05-05 17:37

Sorry, but you're not going to use this website to promote your own.

Please try elsewhere.

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